lentiltec offers a broad variety of services within manufacturing systems.
The main scope lies in the industrial engineering of optical systems and components.

Product Development

Developing optical systems is multifaceted, the following content is offered:

  • Technical consulting during product development of opto-mechatronic systems
  • Milestone reviews
  • Elaboration of specification, compliance matrix and verification plan
  • Creating optical designs (e.g. with Zemax) and mechanical designs
  • life-cycle during serial production to iteratively eliminate deviations or increase the performance
  • Analyse or introduce product development processes
  • Supervise and consult external partners on a neutral basis
  • Increase production quality and reduce failure rates with statistical process control
  • Industrial redesign to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Establish assembly processes and metrology systems
  • Proper documentation as a basis for a solid and succesful product development

Project Management

The complete project management process can be offered from design, industrial development, part sourcing, prototype assembly & verification and transition to mass production. A healthy project management balances time, cost and quality by providing smart decisions.


Measurement concepts, test series and equipment are elaborated for optical assemblies. Product test iterations are the most costly part of a development. Therefore, it is crucial to permanently keep the overview, define optimal measurement procedures and draw the correct assumptions out of it.

The whole matrix between function, environment and interaction need to be considered.


The future success is based on a ongoing investment in new technologies. This can either be within a product or as a manufacturing process. Several stages need to be passed: Market analysis, detailed decision matrix, pretests, prototypes and final implementation. Help is offered through reasonable decisions and definition of goal-oriented steps.


We help you find the proper optical assembly for your product, application or measurement process. Many catalogue products are already developed, which need to be used correctly. A good balance between cost and quality can only be achieved with a precise knowledge of the final use and its translation into a solid optical specification. The final product can either be from a catalogue, slightly adapted standard module or a complete custom design.


Optics is my passion. I love all aspects of it. Optics can be beautiful itself, it gives valuable meaning to society within Healthcare, non-destructive inspection, communication, memories and many more. It is used for industrial processes and it is often high-tech at the frontier.

Optics gives myself the perfect meaning and surrounding for a fulfilled work-life.


Complexity …

Complexity …

is handled by a fast comprehension of correlations. Forward-looking strategic decisions reduce dead time.
Profession …

Profession …

based on an excellent education and experience in professional business for many years.
Quality ...

Quality ...

is delivered daily with high quality work and target-oriented decisions.

Interdisciplinarity ...

Interdisciplinarity ...

within specialist fields is integrated into an overall master plan.

Modernity ...

Modernity ...

and technology are connected with digital, automatic and connected processes.

Efficiency ...

Efficiency ...

in processes and products is achieved by a smart balance between time, cost and quality.

Frankness …

Frankness …

and a honest communication facilitate the direct path to the desired goal.

Documentation ...

Documentation ...

in international collaborations is a crucial factor for a succesful industrial product.


Dr. sc. Daniel Iwaniuk

Oberdorfstr. 7c

CH-9200 Gossau

+41 76 321 5030


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